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manzanaTRANSCENDENCE: : ability to move to overcome crossing the spatiotemporal boundaries of the human existence.
manzanaWISDOM: Ability to recognize and understand the possibilities and consequences, to solve daily
problems and take an appropriate decision.
manzanaSINCERITY: If it’s appropriate, you express to the right person at the right time, what he/she has done, what he/she has seen, what he/she thinks, what he/she feels, etc., clearly, respecting their personal situation or that of others .
manzanaPEACE: Serenity that comes from the order and unity of wills that generate harmony with oneself, with others, with their environment and with God.
manzanaSTRENGTH: Ability to achieve personal and common good regardless overcoming difficulties.
manzanaSOLIDARITY: Ability to recognize empathic attitudes and behaviors for others, joyful and disinterested manner that recognizes, encourages and promotes the common good bonding and getting a sense of dignity and transcendent personal life.
manzanaACCOUNTABILITY: Ability to assume the consequences of his intentional acts resulting from the decisions you make or accept; and also of their intentional acts, in such a way that the other remaining beneficiaries as possible or at least, not harmed while worrying that other people who can influence do the same.

We promote the integral development of individuals

In Acortar Distancias we work in preventing poverty and violent behavior from its origins through the teaching of values ​​and skills development in children, young people and entire families with limited resources to achieve their goals and overcome through their own resources.


Being an innovative educational institution with a defined quality management system, which contributes significantly to the prevention and reduction of social problems and increases opportunities to improve the quality of life. 

manzana AcortarDistancias AC; was founded in 1998.
manzana Affiliated to IJAS (Instituto Jalisciense de Asistencia Social)
blanco& to CEMEFI (Mexican Center for Philanthropy).
manzana Member of CEPAVI
blanco(State Council Violence Prevention and Child).


Provide tools for physical, social and psychological development of children, youth and their parents, inhabitants of vulnerable communities peripheral to the hill of Colli, Zapopan, Jalisco, that through their own efforts can succeed and overcome, thus contributing to prevention , reducing poverty, violence, crime and family dysfunction..



  • 2002_historiaThe Foundation 1998

    Thanks to the concern of Magui Merino is founded to help the poor people who are socially vulnerable, by supporting university students. The suburb December 12 is chosen to be the highest level of poverty in the town of Zapopan, in order to meet the full range of peripheral suburb Colli hill and started to offer support on the ground disabled colony.

  • 2006_historia2000 Acortar Distancias Project

    In 2000 the Community Development project Acortar Distancias is design, providing education, better housing, health care and legal; with the involvement of a greater number and diversity of volunteers, and not just academics.

  • logotipo_acortar_distancias_752002 Institutionalization

    In 2002 it was established as Civil Association.

  • 2000_historia2005 First Home

    In 2005, the income and sets up a winery to meet the demands of attention and a process of further institutionalization and professionalism starts.

  • 2006_historia2006 Building a Future

    In 2006, thanks to income from another room to carry out the activities, time and care programs expands.

  • 2007 Specialization

    In 2007 by an interdisciplinary team of researchers are able to create a specialized model of psychosocial intervention, migrating the larger initial model of Community Development Center, the concept more focused as a Centre for Values in Education for life, looking for a background incidence in the problems of poverty, violence and crime in the community, through a mainly preventive model.

  • 2009_historia2008 Expansion

    In 2008 obtained from H. Ayuntamiento de Zapopan, a Contract of Comodato on a municipal building abandoned in the Colonia Miramar (area of influence) In that same year he began the project replication model Acortar Distancias in Culiacan, Sinaloa; driven by a group of families social leaders, where to date 300 permanent beneficiaries are met.

  • 2012_historia2009 New House

    In 2009 the redevelopment of the property is completed and inaugurated on June 30 a new Acortar Distancias Center, which has treated 550 permanent beneficiaries.

  • 2010_historia2010 Consolidation

    In 2010 won the 2nd place prize of DIF Jalisco successful social initiatives.

  • 2005_historia2011 First Generation

    Graduated the first generation of 9 young (18 years old), with many success stories; for example, Edgar Sánchez, who recently scored 100% scholarship at a prestigious private university in Guadalajara, mechatronics

  • 2012_historia2012 A Great Future

    Starts the project to replicate the model Acortar Distancias in Casas Grandes, Chihuahua; led by a former fellow of Guadalajara. The IJAS 2012 award is obtained in the category of Social Institution Infill.

  • 2013_historia2013 Towards Excellence

    In 2013 Acortar Distancias is the award winning "Unite to Help" of the Dr. Simi Foundation and United for help. In this year also is renewed the commitment and new members join the Board.

  • 2014 Improvement of Educational Model

    It is reviewed, updated and improved now called "Model of Education in Life Skills" including the development of emotional skills, and new ways of evaluating the impact that our intervention in our beneficiary families. In August of that same year (2014) the attention help was reopened to new beneficiary families in the morning shift.



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