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In Acortar Distancias we prevent the problems of poverty, violence, insecurity and crime, through a model of education in life skills.
Our methodology is based on values ​​that facilitate the formation and transformation of the human person.


Transformation of the Person

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We implemented through a series of programs for children, youth and their parents.

With our programs, children, youth and their parents learn to know, to do, to live together, to be, to transform oneself and society. This goes beyond just educating concepts, is education for life and expanding capabilities holistically, which allows them to be included in society who have been marginalized.


Intervention Model

We work through children education from 2 years and up and their parents to develop skills, abilities and socio-emotional competences to prevent problems of poverty, violence, crime, school desertion and homeless situations of minors. Empower the parents in our workshops to increase their opportunities within the framework of values, so the people who are in this situation, develop protective factors and have the ability to overcome through their own efforts, facing the risk factors.
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