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Overall objetive

Provide training and personalized monitoring to the boys, girls, teenagers and their parents, through strategies that let them discover and strengthening their physical skills and socio-emotional competencies through a continuous improvement plan focused in an integral human development, in prevention and practice of values.

Specific objetives

manzanaDevelop neurocognitive skills to strengthen the intellectual growth through early stimulation workshops.
manzanaProvide adequate information in the basic areas of health care, addictions, sexuality and violence to promote a culture of prevention in recipients at the stage of puberty.
manzanaPromote the arts and culture through leisure activities that develop the intellect, creativity and sensitivity of the minor.
manzanaProvide physical activities by promoting sports culture through practices that improve health and lifestyle of the minor.
manzanaGive a transcendent sense of life by awakening the conscience of human dignity through knowledge, the experience of faith, hope, and love of God contributing to the personal self-improvement.
manzanaGuide and train skills for living with values, which are described as knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes necessary to become aware, understand, express and appropriately regulate emotional phenomena.
manzanaTo provide guidance and training in life skills values, which describe the knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes necessary to become aware, understand, express and appropriately regulate emotional phenomena.
manzanaProvide workshop to develop skills and competences for the parents of the minors beneficiaries.
manzanaProvide consultancy and attention to beneficiaries of “Acortar Distancias” with psychological problems derivatives from specific consulting area.
manzanaProvide customized assistance through networking with professionals and institutions in legal, health, education, work and social assistance fields that address the particular needs of medical, legal, work-related assistance, and so on to the beneficiaries.

Benefits for attended people

manzanaLearning to know, learning to be, learning to live together, learning to do and learning to transform oneself and society.
manzanaInclusion in society avoiding a marginalization state.
manzanaAddiction prevention.
manzanaHomeless prevention.
manzanaGang involvement prevention..
manzanaIncreased social skills and satisfying interpersonal relationships.
manzanaLess self-destructive thoughts and improvement of self-esteem.
manzanaDecreased levels of violence and aggression.
manzanaLess socially disorderly conduct.
manzanaImprovement of school performance.
manzanaBetter school, social and family adaption.

manzanaSadness and symptoms of depression reduction.
manzanaStress and anxiety reduction.
manzanaAcquisition of positive habits.
manzanaRisk factors reduction.
manzanaReflection of values.
manzanaExperience of values.
manzanaJob training.
manzanaBetter remuneration.
manzanaDevelop positive life proyects.
manzanaBetter quality of life.
manzanaHappier life.

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