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Av. Prol. Guadalupe #3185,Col. Miramar, Zapopan, Jal., C.P.45060

Acknowledgements |


-Recognition by the Municipal Government of Guadalajara “Altruistic his outstanding work and dedication to serve for the benefit of those most in need in our city.” Competition Merit Award 2007. Humanitarian Fray Antonio Alcalde March 14, 2007.
-Recognition by the Jalisco State Government through the Ministry of Human Development, by: “Your valuable partners in the State Meeting with Civil Society Organizations ‘Finding solutions to life’. August 24, 2007.
-Recognition by the Municipal Sports Council of Zapopan, Jalisco, for the outstanding contribution in the context of Benito Juarez Half Marathon Expo 2007.
-DIF Jalisco Award 2010 issued by the Government of Jalisco through the System for the Integral Development of the Family Jalisco.
-Recognition by the University of Kent, the Twente University and the Western Institute of Technology and Higher Education by: “Their collaboration in organizing discussion groups as part of the investigation ‘Potential Conservation and Reforestation Project to Mitigate Climate change'”. July 2010.
-IJAS PRIZE to the Assistance and Social Promotion of Social Institution Conurbada 2012, issued on November 15, 2012
-Medal Irene Robledo García Social Service through the University of Guadalajara AC Recognition catch up For their outstanding and important social work. July 2012.
-Award to assist States, issued by Foundation DR. SIMI, A.C., August 2013.
-United State Prize 2013 to help
-Recognition as a welfare worker, issued by the Jalisco State Government through the Secretariat of Social Development, July 24, 2014.
-Recognition by Congress of Jalisco through the Citizen Participation Commission for its “Outstanding Achievement in the area Humanist Community Development Cooperation in the urban or rural environment”. August, 2014
-Recognition by the Government of the State of Jalisco through the Jalisco Institute of the Elderly for his “valuable participation for the delivery of courses successful aging”, December 2014.
-Recognition for Social Circus Manchincuepa AC by: “Hosting the diploma ‘Art as a means for social transformation,'” March 2014.
-Recognition “Tonalli” Social Circus Program Manchicuepa AC by: “Their valuable collaboration with the Social Circus Tonalli program at the headquarters of Guadalajara. June, 2014.
-Recognition by the Technological Institute of Monterrey and the Sustainable Social Development: “For his valuable contribution and support to Prepanet program for the social development of the community”.
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